IBM Launches Blockchain Research Center in New York

July 18, 2018

One of the world’s largest hard- and software manufacturers, American company IBM, in partnership with Columbia University launches a research center aimed at facilitating blockchain application development and related educational programs.

The center is located in the Manhattan campus of Columbia University and began working on Tuesday, June 17. Fields of concern for the center will include developing blockchain apps under academic and technical conditions of the university and the company, as IBM officially stated.

They also plan to form a special committee by the end of the year that will include educators of Columbia University and researchers from IBM who will process development applications for educational programs, business initiatives and research projects. In addition, the center will provide consulting on regulation issues for blockchain startups and provide training options for those interested.

Note that this was not the first time a major university opens a center to study blockchain. Similar one was launched in June by Stanford University.


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